About Us

Hello I’m Professor Onesmith

Cool Science Party was founded in 2015 after my daughter demanded something different for her 6th birthday party – We have been to many dull & boring birthday parties and seen many of the same parties over and over again. I knew there had to be something different – One day making home-made slime with her  – I noticed how engaged she became and how much fun she was having – Cool Science Party was born.

Since then we have been perfecting the art of science – We regularly work with schools and although I never let the children know this at a party, every experiment can be related back to the school curriculum and STEM learning.

We shoot giant smoke rings across the room 30-50 meters using a vortex cannon

We make slime and goo – every colour under the rainbow some glow in the dark some sparkle with glitter some make funny bottom noises!

Chemical reactions using household items to create exploding bath bombs, soaps and many more.

We experiment with dry ice making dry ice cauldrons’ and bubble up coloured science flasks with cloud filled bubbles – Also the of associated explosion!

Its essentially visual and interactive fun that each and every child will interact with, create their own experiments and take them home – We would like to see this years nud pie potion makers become the next Bill Nye.

Important stuff about me! I have a degree in sciences and our company has upto £5 Million Liability Insurance(not that we have ever needed it!).

We can also tailor any school visit to fit within current topics being covered from states of matter, endothermic and exothermic reactions to chemical reactions plus so much more.